Residence permit on grounds of au-pair placement

Foreign nationals from a country outside of the EEA and/or EFTA, who plans to stay in Iceland for more than three months, must have a valid residence permit

A residence permit on grounds of au-pair placement is intended for an individual aged 18-25 who is interested in working as an au pair in Iceland. 

Residence permits on grounds of au-pair placement are granted based on Art. 68 of the Act on Foreigners No. 80/2016.

You might have the right to a residence permit on grounds of au-pair placement if all of the following requirements are met, as well as others

  • You are aged 18-25 when your application is submitted,
  • you do not intend to take up residence in Iceland,
  • you have entered into a contract that meets the set requirements,
  • you will live with a family where there is at least one adult person with Icelandic citizenship or a permanent residence permit,
  • you do not have family ties (links) with the host family,
  • you will receive pocket money for light household chores and caring for children, however, not wages for full work in the home,
  • the host family provides you with your own separate room,
  • can proof that you are able to provide for yourself during your stay,
  • you have a valid insurance with an Icelandic insurance company (in the field Insurance Companies) or a foreign insurance company authorized to operate in Iceland (in the field Foreign Insurance Companies),
  • have not served a criminal sentence abroad during he last five (5) years or been sentenced by a court of law for an offence which would be punishable by more than three (3) months imprisonment, according to Icelandic law, and
  • have a passport valid at least 90 days beyond the estimated period of validity of the residence permit.


You may not

  • be younger than 18 or older than 25 when your application is submitted,
  • apply for a work permit,
  • work outside of the home, neither paid nor unpaid work,
  • work in the host-family’s home for more than 30 hours per week or 5 hours per day,
  • care for children with long-term illness or other individuals in similar situations,
  • renew the residence permit unless you have received a permit for less than one (1) year, yet wish to remain for a whole year,
  • have your family with or to join you,
  • apply for a residence permit on other grounds except leaving the country or
  • apply for a residence permit on grounds of work until having resided abroad for two (2) years after your residence permit expired.


An application for a residence permit, a contract on au-pair placement and other accompanying documents shall be submitted to the Directorate of Immigration or at the offices of district commissioners outside of the Reykjavík metropolitan area.

An applicant who does not need a visa may stay in Iceland when submitting an application and while it is being processed, provided the stay in the Schengen Area does not exceed 90 days in the 180 day period. An applicant who needs a visa may not stay in Iceland when applying for the permit and while it is being processed. Such an application will be refused.

If an applicant does not fulfill these requirements and the requirements discussed below, the application for a residence permit will be refused and the applicant must leave Iceland. An applicant who does not leave the country may be subject to expulsion or a re-entry ban. A re-entry ban for Iceland is also a re-entry ban into the Schengen Area for a specific period of time or for a minimum of two (2) years.

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