Exchanging an overseas driving licence for an Icelandic driving licence

If you are in Iceland for a short time, an overseas driving licence is generally valid. If, however, you are permanently resident in Iceland (generally with legal domicile), you should have an Icelandic driving licence. Exceptions to this rule are as follows:

  • Driving licences issued in the Faroe Islands or EEA countries confer on the holder the same rights in Iceland as they have with the same type of licence in the country of issuance. You are allowed to drive until the expiry date given on your licence but not past the age of seventy.
  • Driving licences issued in non-EEA countries entitle the holder to drive vehicles in Iceland for up to one month after being registered with legal domicile in Iceland. Once this month is up, you must obtain an Icelandic driving licence.

Exchanging overseas driving licences

People permanently resident in Iceland (generally with legal domicile) can obtain an Icelandic driving licence to replace their overseas driving licence. You can submit an application to exchange your overseas driving licence for an Icelandic one to a District Commissioner or Police Commissioner, wherever you are resident, provided that you are permanently resident in Iceland.

Application forms are available from District Commissioners and Police Commissioners outside of Reykjavik. In the district of the Commissioner of the Reykjavik Metropolitan Police, application forms are available from the District Commissioners in Kópavogur and Hafnarfjörður.

 See District Commissioner website

Information on applications

  • Non-EEA nationals will in most cases need to submit a health declaration or medical certificate, as appropriate, and take a qualification test. Non-EEA nationals may also be asked to submit their residence permit or residence card with their application for an Icelandic driving licence.
  • If your driving licence was issued in the Faroe Islands or an EEA country, an Icelandic licence will generally be issued without the applicant needing to take a qualification test or submit a health declaration or medical certificate.
  • If you receive an Icelandic driving licence on the basis of your overseas driving licence, you will need to hand in your overseas driving licence when submitting your application for an Icelandic driving licence.
  • In most cases, it is not permitted for anybody to hold driving licences from more than one EEA country.
  • Applications to exchange an overseas driving licence must be accompanied by:
  • A photograph (35 x 45 mm) of the applicant.
  • The overseas driving licence.
  • A health declaration or medical certificate, as appropriate, if the overseas driving licence was not issued in the Faroe Islands or an EEA country.