Applications to the Directorate of Immigration for a residence permit submitted by nationals from countries outside of the EEA (except Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland and the USA) should be accompanied by a health certificate.

It is important for foreign national to go for a medical examination as soon as they arrive in Iceland. This applies particularly to those intending to live in areas outside of the capital, as medical examinations for residence permits are generally conducted at institutions located in Reykjavik.

Health certificates are issued upon completion of a medical examination. If the person applying for a work/residence permit has an overseas health certificate issued within the last three months and which an Icelandic doctor deems to be valid, they do not have to undergo a medical examination in Iceland.

The purpose of the medical examination is to rule out certain contagious diseases, such as tuberculosis and hepatitis, and diseases caused by gastrointestinal parasites, which are common in some parts of the world but rare in Iceland.

On top of the medical examination, it is usual to conduct blood and urine tests, take x-rays of the lungs, test for tuberculosis and take a stool sample.

It is very important for people to be diagnosed and treated if a disease exists. If a diseased is diagnosed, the hospital will provide treatment and medication.

The medical examination is paid for by the employer or the person applying for a residence permit. If the employer specifically requests a medical examination, then they must pay for it themselves.

Once the medical examination is completed, the doctor sends a confirmation letter to the Directorate of Immigration.

Medical examinations for adults take place at the Disease Prevention Outpatients Unit of the Greater Reykjavik Health Clinic at Álfabakki 16, while medical examinations for children take place at the Hringur Children’s Hospital on Hringbraut. You can also apply to Heilsuvernd at Álfheimar 74, Reykjavik.

In exceptional cases, medical examinations for residence permits may be conducted at other healthcare centres, but this must always be in consultation with the abovementioned bodies. It is therefore best to contact the bodies in Reykjavik where appointments are made and ask for information.