Information on the various types of family in Iceland – families can take various different forms and are all a natural part of Icelandic society.

There exists just one Marriage Act in Iceland and it applies equally to a man and a woman, two women and two men. General information on aspects relating to marriage and cohabitation.

General information on divorce and the process to go through when applying for a divorce.

Information for single parents on child-support payments, child benefit, etc.

Basic information on social services. Social services are services provided by municipal authorities to their residents, such as the elderly, the disabled and the disadvantaged

Information on LGBTQ+ rights.

Information on where to seek advice if problems arise between children and parents or between a family and a third party.

Information on children’s rights, child protection and child welfare up to the age of twelve.

Information on day parents and where to get information on day parents operating in a given locality.

Information on nursery schools and how to apply for a nursery-school place.

Information on the rights and obligations of children and young adults aged 13-18.

Information on bullying and Information on where victims of bullying can turn.

Information on all aspects relating to maternity/paternity leave.

Information on child support, the level of child-support payments, etc.

Information on child benefit and on when and to whom it is paid.

Information on the Mothers’ Support Association, food distribution, etc.